Loan for self-employed: know how to apply

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The self-employed is anyone who carries out his or her professional activity on his or her own, without employment relationship and may be formal or informal.

Many have doubts about whether it is possible to have a loan being autonomous. There are credit options for self employed yes, no requirement for proof of income. If you want to know how this is possible, we respond in this text.

Does loan providers grant loans to freelancers?

The answer is yes. loan providers offers loans for freelancers. You do the entire process by the site or even application on the mobile. The registration with loan providers follows a pattern that does not have the bureaucracy of traditional banks. To apply for your loan, you must inform your personal data, employment and source of income, and your request will be analyzed. If approved, the money may fall into the account within a few hours.

How is credit analysis done for self-employed?

How is credit analysis done for self-employed?

Whenever a person applies for a loan at a financial institution he undergoes a credit analysis process. In doing so, the company will consider several factors based on the information the customer provided.

To evaluate the credit will be considered your financial activity, with data such as your monthly income and source of income.

At the loan providers registry you will only enter your data, there is no need to send receipts or documents. Then, the information you’ve placed on the form will be reviewed and you’ll receive the response about your request within a few minutes. This is possible through a robust system of processing, and without bureaucracy.

Can a self-employed worker with a dirty name apply for a loan?

Because it is a job that occurs eventually, a freelancer’s cash inflow is not fixed and can undergo many variations. In times of crisis, you can end up with the dirty name, and need to pay the basic bills.

In these moments, the self-employed with dirty name can also request a loan , performing the same procedures and the system will perform the credit analysis and give the answer in a few minutes.

What amount can be requested in the loan for self-employed?

What amount can be requested in the loan for self-employed?

In loan providers, the values ​​for loans for freelancers are from $ 200.00 to $ 3,000.00. By performing the loan simulation and amount of installments, you will know if you will be able to pay the amounts monthly.